We seek to rate and adjudicate the world around us in a critical and ultimately pointless way. Essentially, this blog’s three writers will pick apart pieces of everyday life by weighing its pros and cons and coming up with a verdict.

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Kevin: Hi! I am a second year Journalism and International Relations student studying in Ottawa, but from Calgary. I consider myself a passable actor, musician, and writer, which is how I spend most of my free time. I am a vegetarian, a bread lover, a Justin Timberlake admirer, a YouTube enthusiast, a political fan, a Nerdfighter, a reader, and communicator.  I live in a permanent state of wishing I could be asleep.

Twitter: @Veggienim

Jake: I give Kevin’s bio three Russell Brand memoirs out of six. Anyway, I am also a Journalism student in Ottawa and it seems strange that I left so long ago. Standing there, looking at her, I couldn’t tell what she was thinking but I knew this was it. It’s funny what you cling to in those moments, what you come back to again and again, only this time there’s nothing to look back on. It was all meaningless, and no amount of earnestness or endearing platitudes can change that. Oh, and I like Lana Del Rey.

Twitter: @jake_pitre

Tumblr: edgesuptooclose

Keith: Oh hey guys. My name is Keith Hickey and like these other schmucks I’m also a second year journalism student from Ottawa. I’m sort of an amateur critic or something like that, cause hey, sitting around blabbering about how you feel on art is pretty cool right? I like to think I enjoy the simple things in life, like ambient drone music, Andrei Tarkovsky films, and hot wings with some ice cold beers.

Twitter: @keithhickey_


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